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“Since Day One" T-shirt available for Pre-order soon
A few people expressed concerns to me about not wanting to miss out on this shirt because they didn’t have money set aside, well, here’s a two week heads up! In 2 weeks from today the limited edition Tumblr exclusive “Since Day One" t-shirt will be available for purchase! via
Shipping US: $5.50
Shipping Internationally: $11 (I’m really sorry friends in other Countries, if I didn’t have to make the shipping higher, I wouldn’t.)
"How long do I have to buy the shirt?"The shirt will be on sale for 10 days starting 9/2/14
"What color do the shirts come in?"Black, Heather Grey and Turquoise.
"Can I order one after the 10 days is up?"No, this shirt will be available to purchase for 10 days. After that time period it will removed from the shop, they will not be remade. 
"Can I order more than one? Or no because they’re Limited Edition?"While they are limited edition, you can buy as many as you’d like because it is a pre-order. Shirts will be made as they are ordered. I’m doing it this way so I can’t run out of specific sizes.
"Can I return my shirt for a different size?"No, because they are pre-ordered. When you order a specific shirt size, I am buying that shirt for YOU so there won’t be any extras. The shirts are similar to the fit and feel of American Apparel tees. I’d advise to review this size chart before you place your order: 
"Can I return my shirt for a refund?"Yes. Once the shirt is returned, I will refund the money. 
"So, there is no way I can get a shirt after the time period is up?"Okay…there is ONE way and it is strictly left to chance. Since I will only be accepting returns for a cash refund and not a size exchange, if a shirt is returned and it happens to be in your size, I will sell it to you.
 If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me!

Available September 2nd!

I got to draw two of my favorite things (X-Men + wrestling) for someone for their birthday!
90s Cyclops & Sami Zayn are friendship pals!
You can get some art from me too at !

Anonymous said: tbh, I can't wait till you get on Raw or Smackdown. I'll literally be front row when they're in my city being the biggest fan! ahhh.

Oh geeze. The pressure!!!


Anonymous said: do you wear shoes and kickpads?

Yeah, just until I have a couple hundred dollars lying around to spend on boots. Shits expensive.

PWA Wrestlers who have Twitter:



Anonymous said: Are you weird?

You’re going to have to be a little more specific, “weird” is subjective. Tell me what you think qualifies someone as being weird and I’ll let you know if I fit the bill.

Handicapped Heroes: PWA 2 Year Anniversary Show
The inspirational team of Zach Gowen and Gregory Iron known as the Handicapped Heroes will be making their PWA debut on 9/27 in Hamden, CT.

Anonymous said: do you have any tattoos?

Not at the moment. I’m in love with traditional tattoos though, so you’ll probably see me with a few of those down the road.